Please follow list of steps below to ensure your jewelry lasts a lifetime.

AINHOA pieces are very delicate. 

Damage or twist may occur with excessive uneven force.

Jewellery may get caught in garments, resulting in unexpected accidents. Handle with care.

Remove jewellery during physical work, sports, before bed, and keep away from reach of children. If skin irritation or problems are noticed during use, stop using immediately and consult a doctor.

Changes in appearance of surface finishes are not considered a defect, but a sign of normal wear and tear.

All NATURAL STONES need to be handled with care.  Gemstones can break or crack if dropped on a hard surface so please remember that your fine gemstone jewelry is precious and treat it as such.  

Some estimates state that 90 percent or more of EMERALDS are fracture-filled. Since the great majority of fashioned natural emeralds contain filled fractures, it’s risky to clean them ultrasonically or with steam. Ultrasonic vibrations can weaken already-fractured stones, and hot steam can cause oil or unhardened resin to sweat out of fractures. Using warm, soapy water coupled with gentle scrubbing is the safest way to clean emeralds.  Even so, emeralds are beautiful stones for all types of jewelry and with proper care will last for generations.

The only safe way to clean OPALS is with warm soapy water.

EXCESSIVE HEAT AND SUDDEN TEMPERATURE CHANGES may also fracture some gems. Heat can easily remove the natural moisture these gems need to keep their beauty. All products are delicately made and are sensitive to heat. It is recommend avoiding conditions of high temperature and hot water. 

It is recommended to avoid the use of perfumes in direct contact with the jewellery.

EXPOSURE TO CHEMICALS can damage or discolor precious metals – gold, silver and platinum – and may harm some colored gems. Even everyday substances like hairspray, lotion, perfume or other cosmetics can contain chemicals that will permanently damage the surface of your pearls and other delicate or porous gems (like turquoise). Fine jewelry should be removed before diving into a chlorinated swimming pool or before using household cleaners. Many of these cleaners contain ammonia, which can be too harsh for delicate gems. Chlorine bleach, another common household solvent, can pit or damage gold alloys.

AINHOA strongly discourage the use of ULTRASONIC CLEANERS.  Certain stones should never be put in an ultrasonic cleaner.  In particular, emeralds are extremely prone to fracture.  Other stones that should stay clear of the ultrasonic cleaner are pearls, coral, ivory, tanzanite, moonstone, polite, kunzite, lapis lazuli, opal, topaz, turquoise and zircon.

What’s more, the vibration generated by the machine can sometimes shake gems loose or chip gems that are set with their girdles touching.

This type of cleaning is best left to jewelry professionals who know about different gem materials and understand when and how to use the ultrasonic cleaner safely.

Most COLORED GEMS can be cleaned with warm water, mild dish soap (no detergents) and a soft brush. A pulsed-water dental cleaning appliance and a soft, lint-free cloth can also be used. 




Solid 18k gold is a soft metal.  Its high gold content makes it soft, warm and allows for a gorgeous patina to develop over time. 

This patina is the result of tiny nicks and scratches that begin to appear almost immediately upon use – signs of daily life. 

The pieces do not require special care. Imperfections and wear enhance the innate beauty of the pieces and give them expressiveness.

A flawless polish is not the disposition of 18k gold, nor is it AINHOA’s goal. My jewelry is designed to be worn and to show the marks of everyday life. The warmth and softness of each piece will deepen over time to become truly yours.

Time and chance mold matter and create a beauty so rapturous and moving, that it COULD NEVER HAVE BEEN INTENTIONALLY CREATED.

Wearing 18k yellow gold jewellery requires appreciation, approval and regard for patina, as stated above. If you are a person who welcomes and respects the natural marks of time, very little "care" is required for my 18k solid gold wearable sculptures.

To clean and brighten your piece, use a soft toothbrush and warm soapy water.  A jewelry polishing cloth may also be used to bring back the original luster to the gold. 

To prevent residue build-up or damage, jewellery should be protected from chlorine bleach, acidic household cleaners and other harsh chemicals.

Keep them in their original jewellery box, separate from other jewellery.



Alabaster is a fine-grained calcium carbonate mineral. Its surface is characterised by its compactness and low hardness (1.5 on the Mohs scale). It can be scratched with a fingernail.

Alabaster is a very fragile material. Alabaster objects should be used with extreme care because they break, crack and scratch very easily. When carrying my alabaster wearable sculpture, one must be in communion with the object: be very focused on one's own being and movements. 

We live most of our daily life absorbed, we conduct ourselves in an automatic way. I propose you to wear an alabaster wearable sculpture and live an experience of self-control and self-observation. It is certainly a skill that is honed with practice. Start practising at home: Start by wearing it for 5 minutes and increase until you feel comfortable.

In general my wearable sculptures are in the shape of a ring. You can wear it as a ring. However, if you find it too stressful, I suggest you tie a leather cord around it and wear it as a pendant. Please, pay attention to its oscillation.

Alabaster is a water-soluble mineral. It should not be exposed to moisture. 

It is sensitive to heat, which turns it into gypsum. It should not be placed near heat sources.

Airborne pollutants often stain it. To clean it, use a very soft bristle brush or a damp cloth with Marseille soap.

If the stains do not disappear, use turpentine and rub without pressing too hard to avoid scratching. 

To remove grease, simply rinse with soapy water.

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